Replacement of Floors and Shells for Inland Product Tanks 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 @ Henty Oils, Liverpool Docks

Edwards Elte Engineering were asked to supply materials, labour and equipment to replace the base and bottom 2m shell on 6 No. Inland Product Tanks. Each tank was 4.88m in diameter by 15.36m high with variuous connections and an access walk way running across the top. Due to the nature of the job it was best to carry out the works as per the below schedule per tank:

1) Spade off the tank and open up any manway covers

2) Arrange for the tank to be fully cleaned out

3) Weld temporary jacking brackets at points around the circumference of the tank above the 2m weld line and jack the tank up to relieve the weight of the tank from the base

4) Remove the base and bottom 2m of the shell by cutting into manageable sections, lifting out of the bunded area onto our our own transport and removing from site

5) Fabricate and install a new 6mm thick base and 2m sections of the bottom shell and fully weld together

6) Fabricate and install 2 No. 4"NB product nozzles complete with compensation pads

7) Install a new 24"NB manway omplete a compensation pad

8) Remove all jacks and temporary brackets from around the circumference of the tank

9) Replace all manway covers and remove all spades

10) Wire brush and paint the tanks with a 3 coat paint system to match the existing.

11) Deliver the tank back to site for refilling and service testing.





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